Friday, September 21, 2012

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Enhance your eyes using Starter Set - Real techniques

It's been a month that I haven't updated my blog. So here it is! One of the brushes I have is Real Techniques Starter set. These are the brushes that you can use to get those gorgeous smokey eyes that we see on magazines, ads, TV, etc. There are lots of brushes out there, but this one seems to fit my requirements: affordable and good quality!

The bristles are very soft and smooth on your eyes. It's also synthetic so it's animal cruelty free. These brushes can be used on powder, mineral, and cream eye make-up. 

Here's the packaging: At the back of the box, there are guidelines on how to use the brushes.

The starter set comes with a unique case that has a toggle rope. On the left side of the case, there are two straps where you can put your other brushes.

The case has a toggle rope where you can pull to make the brushes stand. You can bend it like the picture below:

Base shadow brush and Deluxe crease brush:

Brow brush can be used to remove excess powder or foundation on your eyebrow. You can also use this as an eyeliner.

Accent brush and Pixel point eyeliner brush:

For tutorials on how to use this, you may want to check Real techniques site

If you're a type of person that doesn't wear full make up, then you're good at Travel Essentials. But if you want to enhance your eyes, then get this starter set. These brushes are easy to use, soft bristles, and money wise as it can pick up a lot of make up!

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