Monday, August 06, 2012

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Where to stay in Sydney and Gold Coast?

On my previous post, we were able to catch an airfare promo of FlyScoot for Australia. After that, I did my research on where to stay in Sydney and Gold Coast. I read lots of good and bad reviews from different hostels, hotels, private apartments, etc and was able to narrow down our choices.

In choosing our hotel, these are the factors that we considered:

  • Location
    • Sydney
      • Should be near to Circular Quay, Sydney or Sydney CBD
    • Gold Coast
      • Should be near to Cavill Ave (Surfers Paradise shopping and entertainment district)
    • Area is safe (avoid red district areas (Kings Cross))
    • Nearby shops
  • Transport
    • nearby train or bus
  • Accommodation
    • Cleanliness
    • Private bathroom 
    • Bathroom amenities (towel, soap, etc)
    • Good customer service
  • Rate per night
    • $100 AUD and below for 2 persons
  • Breakfast and internet
    • Optional
    • Most budget hostel and hotels in Australia don't provide breakfast and internet; if breakfast is included, you can expect bread and cereals

In Sydney, below are our choices:

  • Hotel Coronation
    • Pros
      • $109 AUD per night
      • 1.8 km to Circular Quay
      • Nearby train (96 to Galeries Victoria Monorail Stop; 150m to Town Hall Railway Station)
      • Nice and comfortable bed
      • Cleanliness
      • Daily housekeeping
      • Good reviews and customer service
      • Nearby McDonald's, supermarkets, shops, cafe
      • Hotel has a restaurant with affordable meals and good reviews
      • Safe area
    • Cons
      • No breakfast
      • No internet
      • Might hear noise at night because of delivery trucks; hotel is beside Woolworths (large supermarket store)
  • Big Hostel
    • Pros
      • $110 AUD per night on private room with bathroom
      • 2.8 km to Circular Quay
      • Nearby train and bus (450m to Central Railway Station)
      • Lots of backpackers for social interaction (if you prefer)
      • Good reviews and customer service
      • Cleanliness
      • Light breakfast included on their shared kitchen: cereals and bread
      • Can cook on their shared kitchen
      • Free internet on common area
      • Safe area
    • Cons
      • No daily housekeeping
      • Need to bring your own bathroom amenities (towel hire is $2 AUD)
      • Bunky bed as per tripadvisor reviews
  • Y Hyde Hotel
    • Pros
      • 1.9km to Circular Quay
      • $100 AUD per night on private room with shared bathroom; $137 AUD per night on private room with own bathroom
      • Nearby train (350m to Museum Railway Station)
      • Nice bedroom
      • Cleanliness
      • Good review and customer service
      • Breakfast included
    • Cons
      • Our budget only fits on their private room with shared bathroom
      • No internet

For those who are on budget, traveling in groups, and fine with shared bathrooms, you may try Big Hostel. Rates per person ranges from $30-34 AUD. The location is good and advisable for backpackers. I read a lot of reviews on other hostels and I don't think you can compare them with Big Hostel's cleanliness and location. 

Renting an apartment or room on landed houses are also available in Australia and sometimes cheaper, cleaner, better than hostels, see airbnb. For airbnb, this is one of our choices Sydney City Home with Harbour Views. I love this place and the owner have lots of good reviews. The only downside is we like to be in the city area itself, maybe next time. If you decide airbnb, make sure you read and choose those owners with lots of good reviews for your safety.

In the end, we decided to book at Hotel Coronation as it's in the city area itself, can walk to shops and nearby attractions, and it has the same rate as Big Hostel's Double room with en-suite.

In Gold Coast, below are our choices:

  • The Shore Holiday Apartment, Surfer's Paradise
    • Pros:
      • $86 AUD per night for the 1 bedroom apartment
      • Fully equipped kitchen (can cook)
      • 1.1km to Ripley's Believe it or Not (Cavill Ave)
      • Beachfront
      • Good reviews and customer service
      • Nearby convenience store
      • Quiet place
      • Safe area
      • With pool
    • Cons:
      • No shops and eateries around the apartment
      • No breakfast
      • No internet
      • Non-aircon
  • Chateau Beachside Resort, Surfer's Paradise
    • Pros:
      • $96 AUD per night for 1 bedroom hotel
      • 550m to Ripley's Believe it or Not (Cavill Ave)
      • Beachfront
      • Good reviews
      • Shops, convenience stores, and malls are just beside the Chateau
      • Safe area
      • With pool, gym, sauna
    • Cons:
      • No breakfast
      • No internet
      • Non-aircon for $96AUD rate
      • As per reviews, furnitures are a bit old but it doesn't matter
      • Can't cook (if you prefer to cook)

We booked at Chateau Beachside via as it's very near to Cavill Avenue, lots of shops, and eateries beside the Chateau Resort.

Next agenda, arrange our itineraries and watch our for a domestic airfare promo from Sydney to Gold Coast. Hope that the above accommodations will help you on your future visit to Australia. Feel free to leave a comment if you have questions and suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Hello Liz!

I am so glad to chance upon your blog!! I was having a headache on my stay in Sydney and thanks god i found something helpful here :)

May i ask how was your stay in Hotel Coronation? did you regret your choice

Unknown said...

hi mngedo, thank you for visiting my blog and I'm glad that it helped you.. we're booked for our november stay.. based from reviews from trip advisor, it's a great hotel. We'll see in November.. you may check google maps, type Hotel Coronation, Sydney, Australia, then street view to see the shops around the hotel.. I'm very excited as the hotel area is in the CBD itself..near train station, circular quay, Victoria building, Mcdo, grocery shop.. Good luck on your vacation there! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz!

I am going in November as well. Maybe i'd see you! :) Well i decided to stay with Coronation because of the convenience. Finger crossed that everything will turn out well!


Unknown said...

That's good to hear Kat! Enjoy and have a great vacation!