Sunday, August 19, 2012

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Hello my ramekins!

I never knew what ramekin is until my husband asked me to bake a chocolate molten lava cake. He even gave me a site to refer on how to bake it! LOL! I checked the site Noob Cook to see if the ingredients are easy to find and instructions are easy to follow. I'm a lazy girl! LOL!

We had a hard time finding ramekins. We went to Ikea Alexandra, Daiso Vivo City, and Daiso Plaza Singapura. As of today, it's S$2.90 per ramekin at IKEA and S$2 at Daiso, and it's out of stock. We found pretty red ramekins at Tangs Vivo City, 4 pcs of ramekin set at S$80, but it's way beyond our budget. Finally, when we thought of giving up, we found it at Spotlight Plaza Singapura! Woohoo! We bought 2 sets of ramekins (4 pcs white and 4 pcs blue) for S$10! Good thing that they are on sale! 

These KOO ramekins are dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and oven safe to 260C. Size: 10cm (dia) x 5cm (h).

Ramekins are usually used for baking chocolate molten lava cake, serving desserts, etc. I still need to do more research on what else I can bake using these ramekins. 

For now, here's the finish product of my chocolate molten lava cake! Success!!!

For those who love to bake, what else can you bake using these lovely ramekins?


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I took a look at Souffles and it looks delicious! I must try it! Thanks a lot!