Thursday, July 05, 2012

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Phuket - Langkawi Starcruises Experience -Part 1

Two weeks ago from my previous post, I mentioned that we'll be having a cruise for our wedding anniversary celebration. We're back from our 4D/3N Phuket Langkawi experience. We got this at Starcruises site at S$1234 only. It's good for 2 pax already; food and accommodation are inclusive on Starcruises rates.

Enjoy the pictures below!

Phuket Langkawi Starcruise
There is a long queue for check-in and another long queue for immigration. Good thing we did an early check-in at Park Mall the day before the cruise. After 1hr of queueing at immigration, we were able to board at Starcruises - Superstar Virgo. 

Way to cabins

Phuket Langkawi Superstar Virgo
When we went to our room (Ocean view w/ Porthole), it is still "cleaning in progress" which made us disappointed because we want to leave our bags and check out the cruise.
Toilets have separate shower area, toilet bowl area, and toilet sink. Toilet bowl area does not have a bidet or a faucet. So if you need to wash your thing, you have to use tissue, then go to the shower area, or bring a pale & soap with you. 

Since our room is not yet ready, we decided to eat at Mediterranean buffet. Guests can already eat after boarding. Yey!

Phuket Langkawi Starcruise2
Sail away dance by Starcruises crew

After sail away party, we went back at 4pm to check if our cabin is ready. It looks like that the housekeeping is done on his cleaning. But when we went inside, there were candy wrappers on the carpet, skid marks, and urine splash on the toilet bowl. Not so happy! Anyway, we just clean the toilet ourselves. Everyday, the housekeeping guy is giving us one hand towel. On their list, we should get two hand towels, otherwise, we have to pay if it's missing. On our day 3, we have 1 missing hand towel and bath mat. We did not complain and just let it go. Cleanliness: THUMBS DOWN!

For dinner, we tried Bella Vista. Presentation is nice, but food is average. I could say that the desserts are delicious. 

Phuket Langkawi Superstar Virgo

sword fish steak - this fish is very tough to eat, not so tender...

love the seafood pasta!

yummy dessert!

After dinner, we went to Ms. Universe Bingo program! We played Bingo though we did not win. The hosts are funny and it looks like that you're in a comedy bar. LOL!

On our day 2, we went to arcade after breakfast! Let's be kids again!

There's an Arcade! We played different games here!

For lunch, we tried the Pavilion - Chinese Cuisine. Food here are delicious! We really enjoy eating chinese food here.

Phuket Langkawi Superstar Virgo

every food we ate at the Pavilion are delicious!!!

After lunch, we watch one of the Starcruises shows. Everyday, starcruises will give you their daily itinerary. You can see the list of activities and shows for the day.

One of the show on Starcruises: Crew Show Extravaganza
 After the show, we ate again..hehehe

Afternoon Tea! Eating time again!
Kid's area at Mediterranean Buffet
Spa pool and gym

Dinner Time - We chose BBQ party at the Parthenon Pool as the food looks delicious. 

Grilled chicken, lamb, squid, and sausage! yum yum!

fruits and bread

nom nom nom!

After dinner, we went to Taverna bar to get some beer, mocktails, and relax. Drinks are not included in the package.

The Taverna 
Phuket Langkawi Starcruise3
Pool at night
Phuket Port - We arrived at Phuket, Thailand around 5pm. There are a few of souvenir shops and thai eateries at Phuket port.  We went outside and sip a fresh coconut juice!

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toniiiii said...

bonggah lolah!!! ang saya saya! gusto ko ng mag cruisssseeee!!!!

Liz Nano said...

go go go lolah!!! kakabondat! hehe

malensky said...

i likeeee! food looks yummy.

Liz Nano said...

we ate every two hours! hahaha

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