Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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Two weeks to go and I'm on a cruise!

Last Feb 2012, we had a NATAS fair in Singapore. And if you go to any Singapore sites, you will see lots of promo fare on travels. Every year, I always look on where we will spend our anniversary. I saw on Starcruises site that they also have NATAS promo. The regular fare will cost you S$2000 plus. I booked for 4 days/ 3 nights cruise. The route is from Singapore > Phuket, Thailand > Langkawi, Malaysia > Singapore. For S$1,2xx, meals and accommodation are all included. The price is for two persons already and we get 6 meals daily! Sweet deal!

I'm very excited, and preparing the things I need to bring. Well, my travel essentials brushes are ready to go.

Can't wait to relax, beautify, and enjoy!


xiaoyu said...

that is so sweet. and thats so cheap knowing one of the spot is langkawi. langkawi i heard is very good place. best place they said.

Liz Nano said...

we're both excited! Indeed, Langkawi have so many nice beaches.. I'll be posting pics after our trip! you can still check the starcruises site, the always have 45 and 60 day promo like 1680 good for 2 pax.. thanks Xiaoyu!

malensky said...

niceeee....pangarap ko din yang maka pag cruise. enjoy and pls post pix of your adventure! taka care

Liz Nano said...

kami din, kaya very excited kasi first time!! hehehe I will post pics! thanks!