Wednesday, June 06, 2012

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Time to blog & share!

I think this is the time that I should start blogging. I always think of blogging whenever I discover something on google... but then I'm too lazy to compose my thoughts. Oh well, now, I'll just try to write to share anything I'll discover. Please, no grammar checking.

As you know, some of my friends knew that I always love to search things on google. I mean "anything"! For example, I saw a friend went for a Europe trip, guess what I did?! I open my IE browser and type "europe trip", "europe travel package", and any word I could think of on google Then I check the prices, where to stay, where I could go. Even if I don't have plans to go there in the coming months or so, I still love to search for it as if I'm really going for a Europe trip!! It's free to daydream! Also, there's this time that I want to eat Japanese food, the next thing I'm doing is googling again and looking for a Japanese cuisine that is near our place and affordable! Aside from that, I make sure that I check restaurant's reviews. In the end, we end up eating at a hawker centre! LOL! At least, I know where I would eat next time!

Googling is part of my daily life! So why not try to blog and share anything I google!

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