Monday, June 25, 2012

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Sleek's Flamingo vs Life's A Peach Blush

I've been having a hard time to decide which of the Sleek blushes to buy, so I end up buying two blushes!

The packaging: It's very small and can bring it anywhere. Size is 1 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches.

Flamingo and Life's A Peach blushes:

sleek flamingo vs sleek life's a peach

Here are the swatches for Life's A Peach and Flamingo blushes:

sleek flamingo vs sleek life's a peach

  • Good quality
  • Very affordable (S$14 at Luxola$6.50 at SleekMakeUp site)
  • Both are matte colors

  • Sleek blush case is hard to open.

  • Flamingo is very pigmented and you only need one light swipe and you can use it on both cheeks already for a light blush. 
  • Life's a peach is very light and not pigmented. I need to swipe more than five times in order to have a light blush on my cheek. 
  • I prefer the Flamingo blush for a long day wear or parties, and use Life's A Peach blush for everyday no make up make up look.

So which do you think is prettier? Flamingo or Life's A Peach? These Sleek MakeUp Blush comes with different colors. Click Luxola to find out!

I also got this glitter nail polish for free (worth S$35) at Luxola. Anyone interested on this nail polish? I'll be happy to give it to you!

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