Saturday, June 23, 2012

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Sleek Black Waterproof Mascara & Storm eye shadow make up

I bought a mascara to define my thin and short eyelashes. I plan to buy clear mascara, but it's not available on Luxola, so I bought a Sleek Black Waterproof Mascara. I prefer waterproof to avoid scary black smudges. Before, I had an ELF clear mascara and I like it.

We use mascara to enhance our eyelashes. It's not necessary but, wouldn't you like to have nice eyelashes?

See below before and after picture.

This is taken after I removed the eye make up. No eye make-up and mascara;

Sleek Storm eye shadow make-up with no mascara:

Sleek Storm eye shadow make-up with Sleek waterproof mascara:

  • Very affordable (S$11 at Luxulo; $6 at Sleek site)
  • Waterproof
  • No smearing
  • Smudge free

  • There's clumping of eyelashes
  • There are some smudges whenever I remove my eye make-up

I like this mascara as it makes my eyelashes thick and black, but I still prefer a clear mascara.

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