Wednesday, June 13, 2012

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My Travel Essentials - Real Techniques Brushes

I've been browsing for an affordable and quality make up brush as I want to learn how to use it. I've been checking YouTube for about a month and found lots of informative reviews on Real techniques brushes.

I bought all my new Real Techniques brushes at Amazon online as it's not available in Singapore. I will first show you the travel essentials set as I bought different sets.

At the back of the box, there are guidelines on how to use it. The brush set comes with a unique case. On the left side of the case, there are two straps where you can put your other brushes.

        Real Techniques Brushes

The case has a toggle rope where you can pull to make the brushes stand. You can bend it like the picture below:

         Real Techniques BrushesReal Techniques Brushes 1

The brushes are color-coded and have names on it so it's easy to remember on how to use it (see below). The pink brush is a multi-task brush for blush, bronzer, and powder. You can use the yellow brush as a foundation brush. You can also use it as a concealer brush, but it's too big for me so I use the purple brush. The purple brush is the domed shadow brush for eye shadow, blending, etc. 
   Real Techniques Brushes 2

The bristles are very soft, smooth, and have a nice feel on your face. It's also synthetic so it's animal cruelty free. These brushes can be used on powder, mineral, and liquid make-up. 

Real Techniques Brushes

Once you're done, you can fold the case like this and bring it anywhere you go. Very good as a travel kit!

I've made sure that I used these brushes before blogging. You only need to use little make up and let the brush do the magic! I tried my facial moisturizer and was surprised that a pea size can cover my whole face using the foundation brush. I also tried my concealer make up and with one light swipe on it, I can spread it around my eyes using the domed shadow brush. I'm just using my fingertips before and it's messy. Some of the concealer stays on my fingertips, and I end up using more concealer. I didn't know that using make up brush is easy and saves me a lot of time.

I can say that these Real Techniques Brushes - Travel Essentials are very nice and it's easy to use especially for starters like me. I really love to use this. Aside from its good quality, soft bristles, pretty designs, it's also affordable. You can visit Real techniques site for make-up tutorials on how to use the Travel Essential kit. 

Check my previous post on how it was neatly packaged by Amazon. On my next post, I will show you my Starter Set.


toniiiii said...

sample.. sample... w/ video ha.. hehehe

malensky said...

agree with toniii

show us your face!!! hehehe

Liz said...

thanks toniiiii and malensky! Sure, once I'm photogenic and videogenic! hahaha

malensky said...

i like this theme! mas ok!

Liz said...

thanks malen! same here, masyadong girly yung una..hehehe

Gio Kookie said...

Love these brushes! I got my RT brushes from for the same price as they are on the RT website. They give free international shipping on orders over 40$. Try coupon PWJ681 for a 10$ discount off your first order and an extra 5% on orders over $60.

Liz Nano said...

Hi Gio Kookie, wow, that's great! Thank you for the promo code and for visiting!