Wednesday, June 06, 2012

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My first epilator - Emjoi Soft Caress

I bought my first epilator and wanted to share this guys to you. Also, this is my first blog! I've been doing some research on how we can make our underarms smoother. As we know, shaving will darken your underarm due to irritation. Tweezing/plucking will cause some red bumps or "chicken skin". Usually, in order to have a smooth underarm, girls do waxing, epilating, or IPL/Laser hair removal. Since IPL/laser is expensive, and hair should be longer when waxing, I decided to buy an Emjoi epilator at eBay. Before that, I did some research again on what brand of epilator is better. There are lots of epilator for women such as Braun, Philips, Emjoi, etc.

I bought this from eBay and got it after 8 days via priority shipping. I ordered 3 Emjoi, 1 for me and the others are for my friends. I only received 1 epilator at first as seller did not notice the quantity as 3. Anway, they sent the 2 epilators right away. Overall, I recommend Emjoi seller "researchtest". They responded right away on my queries, good customer service, and very fast shipping.

Why Emjoi? It's cute and have good reviews from YouTube and other blogs like xteeenernee. But you can also buy Silk Braun epilator, I read that it's also good.

Here's the packaging:
emjoi epilator packaging

Here's what inside of the box: 

Emjoi epilator, protective cap, cleaning brush, massaging finger attachment

It also comes with a pouch, adapter, loofa, manual, and it's warranty card

See how cute the pouch is after I've put all emjoi things in it!

By the way, I have to buy a transformer for 110v, since we're using a 220v in SG.

What's an epilator? Imagine a device with lots of tweezer pulling your hairs. It's like a shaver with a blade, but this one have 36 tweezers. Yes, a little scary.

What can I say about this product? It's great and cute! You can use this any part of your body with hairs!

I'm excited when I tried it.It  hurts, but after epilating 3 times on the same area, you'll get use to it. I had redness after epilating the first time, it's the same red bumps you get when you pluck/tweeze the first time, but it went away after a few days so don't worry. Just a tip, always exfoliate (scrub) the area you want to epilate to reduce ingrown hairs, and put some aloe vera gel to soothe the skin. You can buy Emjoi epilators here.

Note: Do not apply any lotion after shaving, plucking, waxing, etc. Use aloe vera gel. You can buy it at any drugstore or beauty shops. 

I bought Palmer's Aloe vera gel and I love smell. I use it on my underarm and don't get any body odor.  You can put deodorant after aloe vera gel or no deo at all.


Anonymous said...


Great review. I am from Singapore too and would like to enquire on how much did you get the epilator for in total and where did you get the transformer from?

Thank you so much!


Unknown said...

Hi Keira, total expense for emjoi epilator is around S$108. For transformer, I was able to buy at Self-Fix hardware store. There are also transformer ($16) available at KimAble, Jurong Point Mall. Thanks for asking. Let me know how is it once you buy your new epilator. :)


Wan Xuannie said...

Hi Keira,
Thanks so much for your review. I am from Singapore too. They don't sell emjoi epilator here in Singapore?

Erin said...

Hi Keira,

Nice review on the Emjoi Soft Caress. I first saw xteeener's review on youtube for it. It's such a cute epilator and love its compact size. You are right that epilators hurt but I think that the results are worth it. The more you use them the less sensitive your skin becomes.

smalltownhearts said...

Hey! Thanks for the great review. I actually went and purchase an emjoi light caress for myself. But I can't seem to find a transformer at best denki/homefix/challenger. If you are still reading this, can you please email me a photo of your transformer? Than thank you!

Unknown said...




Unknown said...

Thanks for the information... ... specially those on Genie shop

Bella said...

I have not seen this brand and model of epilator reviewed very often. Thank you for the insight!

Unknown said...

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goodepilator said...

Indeed, Emjoi Soft Caress is an excellent epilator, especially if you are using it on your sensitive areas, like bikini line, armpits or face.

Unknown said...

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Amy said...

This is a great brand of epilator. I'm using Braun Epil for 2 years

Celeste said...

Karmin is my preference.

Ely Girl said...

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