Sunday, June 10, 2012

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Good deals at June 2012 PC show!

Since it's PC show/IT Fair, we went to Suntec City to check new gadgets. We went to gaming area and check Xbox and PS3 games. We saw that Playcraft by Bloompac have promotions! Buy any 2 PS3 games and you can buy Sony Playstation3 console (320GB) for only S $349, usual price is S $429. Yes, it's a good buy! Sony does not usually do promotions on PS3.

See below pics for June 2012 PC show:

Playcraft by Bloompac stall:

This is the crowd, and it's just the first floor, but it's still nice to go on IT Fairs. Lots of good deals and freebies especially on cameras and computers! For digital cameras, sometimes you can get extra battery or casing. For desktops or laptops, sometimes, you can get free mouse or USB thumb drive, or any  freebies they can give that is not included in the package.

Even if you don't go to IT Fair, there are some shops who also give freebies. My friend bought a Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse from Newstead.  The sales person told him to register on Microsoft site and he'll get a free 16GB SD card.

The dragon print is limited edition, I think it's cool!

We also went to Royal Sports to check some running shoes. My hubby loves to run, good for him! I only join him 1-2 times a month! LOL! Reebok is on 20% off! Since it's Great Singapore Sale (GSS), all stores have sales!!! We also went to Braun Buffel to check some wallets as I read in some forums that it's durable. Also, you can get $20 discount voucher if you buy men's wallet for their Father's day special. So to those who want to visit Singapore, it's good to catch GSS and IT fair at the same time. You can also check the IT fair price list here.

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